What is Advent? What is Person?

Picking up from yesterday, what is Christ Consciousness?  It simply is the power to know you are aware and to be aware that you are aware. What is Immaculate Conception?  It is human evolution having arrived at the point where ‘awareness’ is possible. In this Christian story of God uniting with humanity we have a […]

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My Take On Immaculate Conception

Yesterday was the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Mary is the start of a new era in world history. Mary is the advent of Christ consciousness. Mary is the Ancient Gate. Mary is growing in wisdom and stature. I welcome Mary into my home. Mary is the contemplative presence and the bishop, the overseer of […]

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More on the meaning of sounding through

Today I’m being made aware that sounding through is really about purpose. It is about the expression of the authentic self. The latter is the true you. Sounding through sounds like sounding ‘true’ and if someone expresses him or herself from the Essence of who they are, they always ‘sound true’. Truth has a tone […]

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