July 2009

Cause & Effect — So What?

Today I am looking at Cause and Effect. If I throw a rock at a window it will have the ‘effect’ of breaking that window.  My action will ’cause’ a broken window. The CAUSE OF ALL CREATION AND ALL THAT IS IN IT, IS GOD. On the other hand I am the cause of the […]

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What ‘Thought’ Really Is! — Really?

I am keeping on thinking about thinking and what ‘thought’ is. I think most of us think that thought is that bunch of unregulated ideas we stream in our mind. But, think about it for a moment.  Thought is really the power, or faculty or human attribute that makes us able to pick from that […]

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Do You Really ‘Think’ or Do You Merely ‘Think You Think’?

Are you thinking or thinking you’re thinkingWell I keep reflecting on the thought of Thomas Troward.  I just find it so alluring. Here are some of his words that draw my attention recently:  “To give right direction to the thoughts of ignorant thinkers is the purpose of much religious teaching, which these uninstructed ones must […]

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