March 2009

Social Media and the Essential Self? What’s the Connection?

This morning on Twitter I came across this article by Marcia Stepanek called: “The Spinternet”. In it she spoke of how there is a growing tendency for government agencies to now be using social media to help in their efforts to once again silence the people and to maintain their control over the masses. In […]

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God Is A Salesman–Do I Have To Sell My Self?

I’ve been pondering something for the last coupe of weeks. I have been reading Mark Stevens  book; “God Is A Salesman”. In it Steven makes the point that a product can not sell itself.  If you want to sell something you must open your mouth and talk about it.  People will not just come, look […]

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Does The Person, Do I, Really Hold The ‘Swing Vote’?

Last night I watched an interesting movie, called Swing Vote with Kevin Costner. What I enjoyed about the movie was the way in which it reduced the social realities we live in to the individual. It took the world of Politics and it showed us how the various aspects of that world are run by […]

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