Why Is Organized Religion Seeing Declining Participation

Why is organized religion seeing declining participation?   I went to mass this morning.  The priest spoke very well but he really had nothing deep and significant to say to me and I wonder if anyone else got more than me.  The Catholic Church continues to draw people only because of the Eucharist, certainly not […]

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Shift From Destructive to Constructive Mindset

That which is mine can be “withheld” from me.  Have you ever heard a parent say to a child: if you don’t eat your supper, there will be no desert? Or maybe it’s the Santa Clause thing: “Have you been a good little girl?”  The assumption being that if you were not your request for […]

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How Can I Stop Feeling So Powerless?

  So many of us feel so powerless.  I wonder why that is?   With Pentecost coming up, my mind has been taken up with the subject of Power. Pentecost, in Christian circles, is a day when God supposedly empowered the early Christians to move forward to proclaim the “good news” with boldness and with […]

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