More on the meaning of sounding through

Today I’m being made aware that sounding through is really about purpose. It is about the expression of the authentic self. The latter is the true you.

Sounding through sounds like sounding ‘true’ and if someone expresses him or herself from the Essence of who they are, they always ‘sound true’. Truth has a tone to it which we can discern. It makes us listen more attentively to it.

Hence, sounding through is giving expression to that which I am and not some ‘idea’ of who I am. So if I’m living on purpose I am expressing the truth of who I am. We have all heard the expression, ‘are you doing this on purpose?’ which means, ‘did you do that intentionally?’ So to live on purpose is to live with ‘intention’. When something is sounding through it penetrates to the core of the listener and understanding is reached. We have all heard the expression; “I wish I could get through to you.” This means, I wish you could understand me. Sounding through is self understanding being made manifest. It is me fully expressed in every aspect of me.

More to come.


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