January 2009

Affirming the state of Grace

Again today,  I want to deal with the theme of state of grace. There are two words: state and grace.  Grace is to affirm that “all is well”.  State is simply the place where I am.  So when I say I am in a state of grace I am saying I am in a Good […]

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A Prayer. It’s a Good Day!

As I begin my day I remind myself that at the Root or Source of things, there is only Good.  That Good knows all things.  It is in tune with all things.  It is in tune with me.  That Good is present everywhere.  It is pure Awareness.  That Good is the sustaining Power of all […]

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I am in a state of Grace

I am now in a ‘state’ of Grace.  In old time religion that meant some kind of moral purity.  But today we have more clarity on that.  Grace means: Gift.  Hence, in consciousness we could say all is Grace, all is Gift.  All that we need is here for the taking.  It is all around […]

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