December 2008

More on Contemplation

Today I’m influenced by these words of Thomas Troward: “The circle of vital influence may expand as the individual grows into the wider contemplation of his/her unity with Infinite Being…” Here we understand how important contemplation is in sounding through our true person. The state of contemplation is the zone where I get to connect […]

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Contemplative Presence. Contem…what?

Mary is the contemplative presence. I mean, what is ‘contemplation’?  I see in that word the word ‘template’.  There is also the word ‘temple’.  The word ‘contemplation’ in Latin is made up of two words meaning ‘with‘ and ‘temple‘. ‘With’ ‘temple‘ simply means to be in the space.  Temple is a sacred space.  ‘With’ ‘temple‘ […]

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Contemplation? What is that?

Today I’d like to elaborate on Mary as contemplative presence.  When we contemplate something we ‘look’ at it and we consider it.  But the deeper dimension of contemplation is to look at something in the mindset of meditation.  It really is a form of ‘concentration’, of interior visioning.  It is not so much led by […]

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