July 2008

More on the meaning of sounding through

Today I’m being made aware that sounding through is really about purpose. It is about the expression of the authentic self. The latter is the true you. Sounding through sounds like sounding ‘true’ and if someone expresses him or herself from the Essence of who they are, they always ‘sound true’. Truth has a tone […]

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What is Sounding Through?

What is Sounding Through? The word can be understood in this way… Per means ‘toward’ and ‘son’ is a derivative of the French word for ‘sound’. Hence, toward sound. This, to me, is translated “Sounding Through”. In turn that is my definition of ‘person’. Sound is also associated with ‘vibration’ so sounding through is not […]

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My Introduction

Well here I am. Hello world, indeed. I ask myself, what is this blog about? I answer, “It’s about me sorting myself out”. It is me recognizing that I am ‘a point of power’. It is me showing myself and taking my place on the vast sea of humanity. So I say; “Hello world, here […]

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