What is Advent? What is Person?

Picking up from yesterday, what is Christ Consciousness?  It simply is the power to know you are aware and to be aware that you are aware. What is Immaculate Conception?  It is human evolution having arrived at the point where ‘awareness’ is possible.

In this Christian story of God uniting with humanity we have a great advent.  This is something totally new.  It really is the birth of the individual.  Hence this is another piece that explains sounding through.  Up until that time in the human story the ‘person’ could not surface as an individual but could simply be an expression of the collective.  The human was basically asleep.

The Ancient Gate meant, this was as far as a human could go.

With God acting toward the highly evolved human component of Mary a New Thing happened.  Consciousness became evident.  God meeting and mingling with the human is the advent of what we call a higher consciousness.  Hence, we have the term Christ Consciousness.  In a way this was always true but now the time had come to be ‘aware’ of the intimate link of the Creator with his creature. In this alliance it is now possible to have persons sound through.

This was a new beginning in the human story, one that is continuing to unfold as more and more people become ‘aware’.  In so doing they also become more and more able to express their essential selves.  They sound through and consciousness expands.  What leads this expansion is the Christ or Higher Consciousness.  It is going on.

And I’ll go on tomorrow.
Peace in your day.

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