April 2009

How Much Control Over Your Life Do You Have?

I’ve been reflecting for some time now on the thought of early 20th century meta physician Thomas Troward. I find his works very valuable.  To take the effort and read them is mind altering.  To be patient with his writings and to let them grow on you is an experience worth the effort. I’ve been […]

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Focusing This Blog. Can you help me?

Today, I’m deciding to ask for help from any of my readers. I got very excited discovering Twitter this morning. One of the people I follow is Darren at Pro Blogger.  Since I’m rather new at this blogging business I decided to take up Darren’s 31 day challenge. My intention. To focus this blog To […]

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Discipline– A Definition

This morning I was listening to Bob Proctor in his Six minutes to success program. He gave me a great definition of “Discipline”. It goes like this: discipline is something that is consciously chosen, ardently desired and patiently persisted in. Consciously chosen Ardently desired Patiently persisted in In other words discipline will happen if you […]

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