February 2009

Who Defines Your Worth?

Joy is the “normal” state of mind – In order to experience JOY “I” must leave bitterness, anger and rancor — I must deny bitterness It seems we are born in bitterness bitter water is our lot for a time Joy only comes to us sporadicaly To meet joy I must renounce her opposite. I […]

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Rest! How Important Is It In the Creative Process?

In the beginning was the word. The word to be expressed needed a space. The word was conceived in the invisible. A breath was taken and time and space appeared. The Law of the Spirit of Life spoke and there was LIGHT and that light was the Life of creation. Breath carried the form of […]

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The I Am

UNITY.                 Today I am choosing to share with you an idea that I got from the reading of an Essay, by Thomas Troward entitled: The I Am. The main idea that stands out for me is that our human tendency is to see ourselves seperate from each other and our Source or Creator.  This essay […]

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