My Take On Immaculate Conception

Yesterday was the feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Mary is the start of a new era in world history.
Mary is the advent of Christ consciousness.
Mary is the Ancient Gate.

Mary is growing in wisdom and stature.
I welcome Mary into my home.
Mary is the contemplative presence and the bishop, the overseer of Christ Consciousness.
Before Jesus could become aware of His ministry He needed the protection and nurture of Mary.

The church needed Mary’s prayer as well.
Mary held the tension in faith at the foot of the cross and on the day of Pentecost.

Christ and Spirit are the infinite gifts she facilitated.

She has been growing since.  So I appeal to the Mother to speak to me of the Grace she mediates into the world.  By grace, we are saved through faith and this is not of ourselves, it is the gift of God.

I receive the Gift of God that is Mary the Mediatrix.

I join Mary as Silence.

Mother—I concentrate, I focus, I clarify, I select and I resolve.

The Immaculate Conception is the introduction into humanity of the requisite human element required to shift human consciousness from servility to at-one-ment.

Over the next few days I’ll explain how this relates to sounding through, in more detail.

Peace in your day.


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