June 2009

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!

Once upon a time, I lead a life that grew totally meaningless. One day I cried out— in all sincerity– i cried out.  I asked; is there meaning?  Is there  reason to live for? For some reason, in my heart of hearts I got an answer.  It took me a while to realize I did […]

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Do You Choose Life or Death?

Integrative and dis-integrative forces affect the ability to release the real self. An example of integrative energy is LOVE.  Lets say that love is patient, love is kind and that love keeps not score of wrongs.  That means love creates a safe space.  It is integrative. What happens in society and in ourselves is that […]

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Stop Being a Victim, Educate Yourself

Are you familiar with the movie ‘the secret’ and the concept of the Law of Attraction? Do you remember that first spark of hope you felt when you watched The Secret? I clearly remember the desire that filled my heart, knowing that – Yes, I can make my dreams come true – FINALLY! But how […]

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