Are Marketers Liars?

I’m having a few thoughts on marketing today.  I’ve been wondering about how to make money online.

One of the concepts I keep hearing is — find a need and provide the answer.  For example what is some problem people are really looking for to solve?  Crisis is a good place to look.  Does someone need a cure for a desperate situation like cancer?  Then sell them the medication.

Another line is — find out what people are looking for and place yourself in front of the flow.

My response to that is — what are people looking for?  People will look for soft drinks and fatty foods.  Is that what I want to provide?

People often don’t know what they want and so they look for all manner of compensatory things.  Like obsessive shopping for shoes.

Do I provide that?

This brought me to the purpose and intent of this sight.  When I came up with the name — sounding through it reflected something about me and my mission in life.

I feel more akin to the old saying; “give a man a fish and feed him for a day” — “Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” I feel more akin to the latter.

Sounding through is about getting to the source of things.  It’s about going to the core, the essential.

I don’t want so much to sell the addicted consumer another pair of shoes so that they will keep coming back so I can make another sale so as to line my pockets with money.

In that sense i think there is a sort of lie in the marketing mentality.

I would rather teach people to get to the essence of who they are and to release their creative genius.

They can then find fulfillment and ways to be happy and contributing to life rather than be looking for a quick fix.

So I clarify for myself that this site is more about getting to the heart of the matter.  It’s about uncovering ‘principle’.  It’s about helping myself and others to live more from what makes us tick rather than distraction and obsessive behavior.

Good.  I’m glad I got that clear about myself.  Now I wonder; what might i be selling?  The purpose being to find ways to help people release the most essential creative part of their being.

I don’t want so much to get in front of a crowd of people who want ‘something’ but to encourage people to find the cause of the void that impels them to shop and to become whole through the manifestation of the real self. Which is, I believe, the real reason why we are all here.

So are all marketer liars?  That is a very fine ‘ethical’ question isn’t it?

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts for the day with you.



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