How Much Control Over Your Life Do You Have?

I’ve been reflecting for some time now on the thought of early 20th century meta physician Thomas Troward.

I find his works very valuable.  To take the effort and read them is mind altering.  To be patient with his writings and to let them grow on you is an experience worth the effort.

I’ve been reflecting on an essay of his called “Entering into the Spirit of It.”

If you enter into the spirit of a game you really let yourself get into it, as any avid sports fan will attest to.

So Troward uses that concept of ‘getting into it” as a means of encouraging spiritual growth.

He writes: “To enter into the spirit of anything, then is to make yourself one in thought with the creative principle that is at the center of it; and therefore why not go to the center of all things at once, and enter into the Spirit of Life?”

Just think about that for a minute.  Get into the ‘source’ of things and everything will follow from there.

So Troward further writes: “Do you ask where to find it?”  and he answers: “In your self.”

Then he says that once you realize it in your self the way you reach that spirit, to get into it is by: “affirming this in your thoughts…and as this awareness grows it will become a living force within you”.

In order to apply that here is my affirmative prayer for today:

I have the power to self reflect.  I have the power to think.  I have the power to speak and to express my thoughts and ideas.  I am the channel of the Spirit.

I am One with Spirit.  Spirit already knows this.  I am affirming that “I” know this.

I am the one writing this.  My insight sees this.  I am One with and in Spirit.  I am therefore One with infinite Wisdom.

I am Power.  I am imagination.  Rather, I am the power behind imagination and voice and strength.  I am the Mind of God.  I am the will of God.

The current of thoughts flowing through me is mine to choose thoughts from.  I am the thinker.  I use my will to  select and give direction to the thoughts I choose.

I am the director.  I am infinite Wisdom and Power.  I am express  ideas in words, art and technology.

I affirm the Life I am.

I affirm the Light I am.

I affirm each of my faculties as means of expression.

I am in human form to express myself…that is…to give expression as myself — of God.  I am One with/in Spirit.

I use my faith, strength, power to select, my love, and wisdom, my voice, my imagination, my understanding, my will, my power to order things wisely and my power to affirm the good and eliminate that which does not serve me.

I have the power to use my creative principle for the highest good for myself and others.

I daily make my self new.  I regenerate my thought and energy, my focus.  I regenerate my self into the awareness that I am One with the ‘Creative Principle, the Life at the Center of all.

I am happy, healthy, wise, supported and defended as I move into increasing awareness of my oneness with source.

That is my affirmation for the day.  If you want to hear me read relevant text from Troward’s essay ‘Entering into the Spirit’ just click on the audio player below.




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