Watch the words you speak, they create.

Several days have passed since last I posted.

Quite frankly, I haven’t posted because I’ve been wondering about what this blog is all about.

It’s about sounding through.  Sounding through is the long form of the word — person.

Person is what “I” bring.  Person is that Unique thing called me.

To sound through is to release that which is most essential to me.

Today, I am reflecting on the ‘word’.

It is written; “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”

Looking at it very simply, I ask, what is a word?  It is a ‘sound’.  Amazingly that sound can be interpreted by the ear to mean something.  A word describes something or someone or somewhere: stone, John, Atlantis.

Words strung together describe places, peoples’ attitudes or stories.

In short a word ‘articulates’ “ideas”.

An Idea is in the realm of imagination until it is spoken.  It then is manifest.  A chair is only an idea until a carpenter fashions the idea into the thing we sit on.

And so we could say that a ‘person’ is a perfect ‘idea’ in the mind of God.  When that idea surfaces and manifests itself through a body it now has the opportunity to articulate what its all about.  The body is the ‘form’ of the ‘idea’.  The body is the ‘means’ of expression.  The ‘person’ associated with that body now has occasion or a means to ‘express’ itself.  It can now ‘sound through’.

And so, a word serves in the ‘articulation’ process.  A word is meant to EXPRESS.

So aren’t we all here — individually– to express our truth?

I think the expression of that truth is at the deepest place of longing in us.  We will not rest satisfied until we realize that we are ONE with God and we are meant to EXPRESS the truth of who we are. We are meant to sound through as the unique person we are.

We are born.  We have a body. But, I think the call is to ‘articulate’ or “express’ the invisible part that moves that body.  We are already a word but we need to become ‘aware’ and to clarify our purpose and the meaning to our life.

Yet, I don’t think we often realize that what is longing in us is this ‘desire’ to be all we are ‘meant’ to be.

“In the beginning was the Word”, suggests to me that I must clarify who I am and what it is I bring into the world to serve others.

I can do that by understanding that my ‘word’ has the power to ‘create’, ‘influence’ and ‘articulate’ the good I want to see in the world and am meant to express.

The word is my story.  It’s what I am all about and I will not rest satisfied until I speak that word and sound through clearly as who I truly am and not who I think I am.

Thinking out loud today.



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