The Caterpillar and The Ego

Yesterday afternoon I watched a butterfly being born. The cocoon, which had been getting clearer over the 19 day gestation period split open and in no time a beautiful fresh, soft, limp new Monarch butterfly hung upside down under the milkweed leaf to which it was attached.   It hung there, under the leaf, upside […]

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Are Marketers Liars?

I’m having a few thoughts on marketing today.  I’ve been wondering about how to make money online. One of the concepts I keep hearing is — find a need and provide the answer.  For example what is some problem people are really looking for to solve?  Crisis is a good place to look.  Does someone […]

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Get Into The Spirit of It

Yesterday I wrote about expressing yourself. I left an audio at the bottom of the post of an Essay by Thomas Troward called “Yourself”. The first line of the audio goes: “I want to talk to you about the liveliness there is in being you.” Isn’t it true that when we are truly ourselves we […]

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