April 2009

Get Into The Spirit of It

Yesterday I wrote about expressing yourself. I left an audio at the bottom of the post of an Essay by Thomas Troward called “Yourself”. The first line of the audio goes: “I want to talk to you about the liveliness there is in being you.” Isn’t it true that when we are truly ourselves we […]

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Express Yourself

Today I’m reflecting on how important it is to express one’s self. Why? Because it is all there is to do. But, the expression of the self is, more often than not, blurred. We grow up sitting down for meals with people who tell us what we ought to do. We are told what to […]

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Start Where You Are

I am what I am.  That, in the Old Testament, was what God said His Name was. Taking my clue from that I am aware that life is always right here.  Here is the starting point. We often get caught in chasing after a goal and trying to be something other than we are. I […]

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