Express Yourself

Today I’m reflecting on how important it is to express one’s self.
Because it is all there is to do.

But, the expression of the self is, more often than not, blurred.
We grow up sitting down for meals with people who tell us what we ought to do.
We are told what to do all of our years in school.
We are told what to do when we get a job.
Our parents tell us what to do and what is good for us.

We watch television and are influenced by the models we see on the various programs.
We watch movies and here again, certain models, certain ideals are lifted up.

Needless to say who I am gets lost in that process.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why little children are so attractive?
Its because who they are is not yet buried under the piles of should and should not.
Babies or very young children are who they are, period.
Their beauty and spontaneity bubbles up and its a pleasure to be with them and to behold the wonder of who they are.
But then… the years come rolling over them.

AndĀ  the sparkle seems to diminish as the knocks of life accumulate.

Then the child starts to think that to be appreciated it must be this or that. “I want to be like this or that rock star to be great”. So it starts to believe it wants to be someone else than itself.
The result: the true self sinks deeper and deeper into the world of I wanta be this or I wanta be that.
Striving becomes a habit.
And the person no longer sounds through with clarity.

Yet, the call is on each of us to ‘express ourselves’. That is the only path of satisfaction.
Yet most people, as Thoreau wrote, ‘live lives of quiet desperation’.

To awaken from that place of despair down underĀ  requires the person to ‘recognize’ or to remember to remember who it is.

The first step to doing that is to stop identifying with the exterior person you have become.
Shift it around. Identify with the Source from where you come. It is an ‘identity shift’ that has to take place.

“Awaken from your slumber by letting Christ shine upon you”, is a scripture passage that means you awaken to your truth when you recognize you are already one with the Source that created you.

Then you can Express Yourself, that is your True Self and not who you have trained yourself to “think” you are.

I’ve included with this post a recording I made of an essay by an early 20th century meta physician named Thomas Troward. It’s here just below. Enjoy.

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