Get Into The Spirit of It

Yesterday I wrote about expressing yourself.

I left an audio at the bottom of the post of an Essay by Thomas Troward called “Yourself”.

The first line of the audio goes: “I want to talk to you about the liveliness there is in being you.”

Isn’t it true that when we are truly ourselves we feel a liveliness?  People might say something like : I feel so alive.

This is a very important principle in the teaching of this meta-physician of the early 20th century.

In yet another essay, Troward, talks about getting into the spirit of a thing.  By so doing we experience  liveliness.

There are expressions like-  ‘get into the spirit of the game’.  That is a call to get very much ‘into’ it isn’t? Getting into the spirit of a game is to throw yourself into it with abandon.  Its not sitting on the sideline with your hands in your pockets and looking half interest.


To get into the spirit of a thing is to really get into the swing and the flow of it.

The result, is to touch liveliness.

According to Troward liveliness is the essence of spirit.  We sometimes hear the expression; that was a very spirited conversation, meaning that it was very lively and involved all of the energy of those taking part in it.

Thus Troward states that to connect with Spirit is to connect with that which is most alive.

I venture to say the same about connecting with the essential person that I am.  It is ‘aliveness’.

We can theorize about a lot of things and not really ‘get into’ it.  But, to get in touch with this quality of aliveness, of being alive is the essence of life.  That quality of aliveness is at the core of who we are isn’t it?

To be a person is not some idea.  The person I truly am is aliveness.

And so Troward reminds his readers that the Spirit is not some abstract idea or system, but  is the very Principle of Aliveness.  To grow spiritually is to come into conscious contact, more and more, with the aliveness of Spirit.

So lets listen to an excerpt from a Troward essay called: “Entering into the spirit of it”.


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