Start Where You Are

I am what I am.  That, in the Old Testament, was what God said His Name was.

Taking my clue from that I am aware that life is always right here.  Here is the starting point.

We often get caught in chasing after a goal and trying to be something other than we are.

I am tempted to want to use my gifts to accomplish something way out there.  So I take off with that end in mind but I move toward it only in my imagination, in my head.

The result: Tension in body, emotional pain and mental confusion.  I am like the head of the chicken cut off, running around.

But the word of wisdom for action is “to do what we are able today.

If you look to the right of this post, you will see that  I have an offer for a series on 12 human faculties.  These are fundamental faculties or powers that we need to use as a group in order for the full self to emerge.  Yet, each of those faculties are not the starting point.

Always, the starting point is the Essence-of-life.  Each of the faculties, for example the faculty of understanding is not the cause of the action.


Behind understanding is the ‘essential self’ or what I would call the person.  The person is one,  in the Essence-of-life.

The essential self or person chooses the faculty that he or she will exercise and moves forward with the help of that faculty and progress is made.

It is this moving power at the back of the various faculties that is called the true innermost self.  Now this is the moving power.  So we always start from where were are.

In scripture it is said that ‘home’ is where the heart is.  I work with elderly people in a personal care home.  I hear often the desire to go ‘home’ expressed.  I counsel these people to reflect on this truth that home is where the heart is.

This is a painful situation because people have been so accustomed to look ‘outside’ of themselves thinking that home is in that house in a certain country on a certain hill.  But home is where the heart is.

Its right here.  Where I am.  I am who I am and where I am.

With this awareness I have the basis of getting somewhere in a happier and undivided way.

In the series of twelve articles that I’m offering… and you can get it for free just by entering you name and email address in the box to the right,  I speak of the proper use of our vital human powers in alignment with our true innermost self.  So if that subject interests you sign up.

If I know where I am and that I am who I am I have the foundation for all action. If I listen to myself from where I am each step of the way I will live a life that is ‘together’ and that makes sense.  It will be congruent and allow for my feelings to express joy and contentment.

So start where you are.  Know that you are one in Source.  Take your power in your hands.  Refer to yourself first and then consider your goals and move toward them bringing yourself along and in this way keep yourself together so that like so many people in personal care homes you may not pine away longing for home, when in fact home is where you are…

it is who you are.

Have and awesome day.



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