December 2008

Welcome Mary Into My Home

What does it mean to welcome Mary into my home?  To me it speaks of an act of ‘faith’. In the symbol, Mary we have a sign of human consciousness having arrived at a certain place.  This is the purely human dimension. To welcome Mary means to identify with what is happening on the human […]

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Human Evolution And Christ Consciousness

Taking up from yesterday’s line; ‘new growth in human evolution’. The totally ‘human’ dimension that is Mary is symbolic of your and my reality.  The human is made to enter into awareness of the Infinite, Unlimited Truth.  It has a starting point. Mary as the gate is the end of one era and the beginning […]

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What does awareness have to do with an Ancient Gate?

Continuing from the last post I’ll focus on Mary as the Ancient Gate.  What is that?  This is connected to a line in the Psalms that reads: lift up your heads oh gates, be lifted up oh ancient doors that the King of Glory may come in. Of course the King of Glory is the […]

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