What does awareness have to do with an Ancient Gate?

Continuing from the last post I’ll focus on Mary as the Ancient Gate.  What is that?  This is connected to a line in the Psalms that reads: lift up your heads oh gates, be lifted up oh ancient doors that the King of Glory may come in.

Of course the King of Glory is the Christ child.

Mary being the means of the Christ child manifest in this world is the door through which the child enters.

She is the sum total of all of the human consciousness.  I see her as being a focal point.  Now humanity was ready to go one step further.  Mary is the human vessel, the human ‘form’ that would produce a new type of offspring. This was to be a fully human and fully divine being aware of Itself. This was the new thing in the earth.

Mary on the other hand is fully human.  In giving birth to the unique Christ child she is the first to open the door of a new consciousness. She is at once the Ancient gate, the sum of all human progress and she is really the new gate opening the way to a new thing, a new level of awareness all the while remaining fully human.  This is the human ascending into divinity.  Hence she is the beginning of a new growth in human evolution.

I’ll continue my reflection a little later, from this point.

Peace in your day.

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