Human Evolution And Christ Consciousness

Taking up from yesterday’s line; ‘new growth in human evolution’.

The totally ‘human’ dimension that is Mary is symbolic of your and my reality.  The human is made to enter into awareness of the Infinite, Unlimited Truth.  It has a starting point.

Mary as the gate is the end of one era and the beginning of another.  The symbol Mary can be seen as the point where ‘lack’ mentality ends and where the feeling of ‘abundance’ begins.

What is the connector?  As the story goes, Mary was deep in prayer (some would call it contemplation), when the angel (the thought) came to her that she was blessed among women and that the Thing that would come through her was being conceived not from human seed but from the Divinity.  Her response of ‘be it done to me as you have said’ was a response of total ‘faith’.

So the connector point is faith that the old human condition of being isolated and lacking is now replaced by abundance and the belief that this is so because the Infinite is accessible to the finite human consciousness.

Hence, that faith is really the gate to new consciousness.  For the first time it was felt that God and humanity are one.  From that day she began to ‘learn’ and thereby grow into the Christ Consciousness she mediated, gave birth to into the world.

And so she continues to grow in wisdom and stature ever since that point of her awakening. She continues to contemplate the Infinite Thing she bore into humanity.  Her own consciousness is expanding ever more deeply into the Infinite.

The gate having been opened, makes it possible for every one of us to enter into this greater awareness that is Oneness with God, or Christ Consciousness.  In this awareness we grow and evolve.

I’m finding it interesting to hear myself expand on this subject.  I expect more to come.

Peace is all around.

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