Welcome Mary Into My Home

What does it mean to welcome Mary into my home?  To me it speaks of an act of ‘faith’.

In the symbol, Mary we have a sign of human consciousness having arrived at a certain place.  This is the purely human dimension.

To welcome Mary means to identify with what is happening on the human level and so allowing that energy to have its effect on me now. When we identify with something we bring that truth into our consciousness.

In the spiritual evolution of things this presence and person called Mary is a level of consciousness where a ‘breakthrough’ happened.

This human person ‘sounding through’ caused a new level of awareness to be available to all of us.  So the welcoming part is the identification with part and this is the way to connect in real time with what is happening in that force.  Mary was the cause of a shift in human consciousness.  She was, as it were, a co-creator of this new step in evolution.  Hence, she is fully implicated and I believe that her consciousness is at the head of the pack and so we can access that energy and wisdom by acknowledging its reality and welcoming it into our life and in that way to have its effect in our lives.

So through the ‘faculty’ of ‘faith’ I tap into and become a conscious participant in this stream of expanding awareness.  From there I can come into my own and contribute my unique part to the process.

As humans we share in each others fate.  We are not alone but we have our existence in harmony, in fellowship with each other.  This fellowship is our ‘home’.  In welcoming Mary into my home I am welcoming myself into the larger home of human fellowship that Mary is at the base of and the symbol of.



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