What is Sounding Through?

What is Sounding Through? The word can be understood in this way… Per means ‘toward’ and ‘son’ is a derivative of the French word for ‘sound’. Hence, toward sound. This, to me, is translated “Sounding Through”. In turn that is my definition of ‘person’. Sound is also associated with ‘vibration’ so sounding through is not just making sound but it’s also about the ‘vibes’ I send out.

In the above sense, we are always sounding through but our sound is not always that clear. If we are confused, our vibration may be felt as tumultuous or draining.

The Greeks thought of ‘person’ as someone who speaks through a mask. From there we derived persona, or personality. But in my understanding of sounding through or person I don’t see the artificial thing we could call persona or personality but sounding “through”, with the emphasis on ‘through’ is the ‘essence’ of who I am being made manifest, sounding through.

You would think that the above is evident but I believe that because of conditioning the true or AUTHENTIC you is covered over and in fact, life is all about uncovering that kernel and making it manifest, making it appear.

So in Sounding Through I mean the appearance of that which is true and sincere and the essential you… the PERSON.

We’ll explore further as time goes. That’s it for today.


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