My Introduction

Well here I am. Hello world, indeed. I ask myself, what is this blog about? I answer, “It’s about me sorting myself out”. It is me recognizing that I am ‘a point of power’. It is me showing myself and taking my place on the vast sea of humanity. So I say; “Hello world, here I am”.

As I look around this place called the Internet I discover that I am such a small, tiny little dot. I could shrink back and say ‘what’s the use’ or I can disclose myself here and simply speak and declare openly my process in search of self expression.

When I say I am a ‘point of power’ I mean that I recognize myself as the tip of the pen that writes a word on a blank piece of paper. This blog is my space. This is my little home. It is a home with glass walls. I choose to let anyone who wants, look in and comment on my affairs.

Yes, I’m on the internet because I would like to think I can also create a business on line and make some money to support myself and to encourage myself in the world of creative ventures. Oh is that a world of adventure?

Yeah! That’s it!

I am on an A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E and I want to share it. Will I succeed in creating an internet business? Will I succeed in giving myself a forum where I creatively express what it is I have to contribute?

I am a ‘point of power’. It’s not that I’m only the tip of the pen I am also the ‘writer’, the ‘author’ imagining ideas and directing the pen. I am the creative source choosing to express itself ‘here’, now. I have ‘initiated’ this process and I have ‘selected’ this means of expression.

So here I am world. I am choosing to dialogue with you. Let’s see where this goes.

Oh! Is there anyone there?

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