What Am I Affirming? Good or Ill?

The power of thought becomes evident when I realize I am behind my thought and I actually select and direct that thought.

As the power at the back of thought I have to see and understand my self as the source of that thought.

Am I a pure source or is my water murky?

Hence, as we read in other posts I see that I have a responsibility to ‘affirm’ my truth.

Something inside of me moves me to want to love and do good.  What is that?

That, is the original stuff from which I am made.  It is Love and Good itself.

Now I have a choice. I can look at the circumstances of my life and get overwhelmed by how chaotic it all is.


I can look at the source from whence I come and remember the Truth of Who I Am. i.e… Love and Good.

I ask my self the question:  where do I want to be?

I set my INTENTION according to the answer.

I then use the Power of Affirmation.  I either repeat the story that things are chaotic and in that way I affirm my self into the land of depression.


I then use the Power of Affirmation to remind myself that I am Love and I am Good.  That way I gradually become stronger and clearer in the TRUTH of Who I Am.

So, Today I Affirm that I am One with the Infinite Wisdom and Love I call God.  I allow myself to be basking in this lovely clear spring water.  There is no room for the contaminating effect of doubt or fear, or bitterness or rage.

I’m OK.

I’m more than OK.  I am a pool of fresh clear life giving water.  I am the spring that is overflowing with this fresh clear life giving substance.  I OVERFLOW in Tranquility and is Assurance.  I am guided and protected in the Beauty of who I am.  I am secure in Love and Goodness.  I affirm my truth.

This day naturally unfold in wondrous ways as I allow myself to energetically and attentively ‘respond’ to every nudge of Love’s and Wisdom’s Guidance.  I am safe and secure in each step of this day and I affirm that only Good manifests in my world.  I am safe and secure building more and more Beautiful structures in my Awesome life.

Day by day, moment by moment as I set my Intention and Word the Affirmation of my Love and Goodness I become more and more settled in the Source of Influence for Good that I am.  I feel greater and greater JOY!

This is my life.  I am receiving and giving the Gift of Gratitude.  It is so Good to see and feel my self FLOW this way and so I go and go with it.

Peace that passes all understanding is with me.  And so it is, Amen! and Alleluia!


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