Your Thought Is A Limiteless Creative Power.

Today, I’m continuing on ‘thinking’, about “thought”.

Again, Troward is my mentor” “You will realize the truth that your THOUGHT is a limitless creative power, and that you yourself are behind your thought, controlling and directing it with knowledge for any purpose which Love motivates and Wisdom plans.”

It seems that every time I read or hear those words I do a second take.  It is as if I have never heard them, on the one hand and it is as if I truly understand them, on the other hand.

The other passage I want to link to this one is about what it means to enter into the spirit of something.

We often use that expression; ‘ah come one get into to the spirit of it’.

It usually means ‘liven up’. Now we all know that to ‘get into’ something you have to give it some ‘heart’.  For some that means a real effort to let go of fears or ‘I don’t want to’ and then choosing to jump in.

The result: usually a feeling of happiness and of being a part of things.

In Troward’s words: “To enter into the spirit of anything, is to make yourself one in thought with the creative principle that is at the center of it.”

To get into it you have to get to the heart of it, the spirit of it, the essence, the center.  You have to get right into it heart, soul, mind and body.

And so Troward teaches that if thought is the way to get into it, use your thought to go to the center…”make yourself one in thought with the creative principle that is at the center of it.”

In other words, use your thought to identify yourself with the center and thereby, actually become aware that your thought can lead you to know yourself as One with the Spirit of Life.  If you come to understand yourself as one with the Creating Principle, your whole life, through the limitless creative power of your thought, will cause your whole life to be in the spirit of life.  You don’t work on this and that but by being in the Spirit of Life all of your life circumstances will reflect the liveliness that Spirit is.

Think about that:  your thought is a limitless creative power.  How then shall you ‘create’ your day?

A thought for the day.



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