From My Heart to Yours

I stop.  I am here now.

I feel gratitude for realizing I am aware that I am here, in this moment.

I feel grateful I Am — I rejoice in the blue sky.  I breathe a breath and I wonder of relationship. The breath of life comes to me.  I am able to receive it.  I take it in and I release it.  I am in relationship with all around me.

Spirit is my passion.  I am surrendered to the Principle of Life.  God is and so I am encouraged. (my heart is moved to beat).

Someone loves me who is unlimited, who is free and all knowing, all powerful and everywhere present.

This I know through the Gift of Faith — This Faith ‘springs’ inside of my heart as an ‘felt sense’, a conviction, a sureness that this is so; that God is and that I am.

I celebrate and am grateful for the gift of faith.

This is my surety and this is my hope — this is the key of Life, for me.

My heart tastes the Goodness that is God.

This Goodness motivates me to get inspired.

I choose to breath because I believe, I am convinced that Love is.

I feel as if I KNOW Love is a Wisdom higher than I can comprehend and that all that which is confusing and distressing to me is “Resolved” in this One.

I am a thinking being and a creative story telling being.

The story I tell myself is of utmost importance.

The story about Love as source and solution is the spark that encourages me to persist.  It gives me heart.

Faith and courage are simultaneously cause and effect — they are my constitutive, YES to Life.

“I” choose, from that yes, to create a story of Health and Wellbeing.  In Love I make wise choices that affirm my principle truth — that Love and Wisdom are at the helm and that we/I are being resolved back into infinite, unbounded Goodness, Love, Truth, Harmony.

I use my will together with my powers to understand, imagine and form words (to tell myself story), to comfort and console myself through distress and confusion and limited thinking.

I am thereby resolving myself with the Guidance of Spirit into the Liveliness of Love and Wisdom and Harmony.

I perceive that God is Fellowship, dialogue, relationship.  I perceive that relationship allows me to know I am and that I am able to create story by my power to make words and articulate concepts, insights, ideas.

I do this because I know my self to be indestructible life.

I have inate sense of Beauty.  Where does that come from?  Does it not come from the Loving and Wise Heart of God?

What is Beauty but the work of Harmony, symmetry, order — the chaos can be resolved into a symphonic Beauty by the Mastermind that is God expressing Itself through me as me.

I affirm my Life.  I affirm my story.  I affirm the gift of my individuality and the fellowship that supports it and allows it to be.  

Thank you for being there, you who are reading these lines expressive of my thought.

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