Social Media and the Essential Self? What’s the Connection?

This morning on Twitter I came across this article by Marcia Stepanek called: “The Spinternet”.


In it she spoke of how there is a growing tendency for government agencies to now be using social media to help in their efforts to once again silence the people and to maintain their control over the masses.

In it she writes: But citizens, beware. It’s getting much harder to use the Web for social change. Challenges to the Web’s potential for democracy and freedom are growing quickly, panelists agreed. “The enemy is getting just as smart in using these same tools to silence people yet again,” said Evgeny Morozov, a Belarussian journalist who is writing a book about censorship and the use of the Internet by authoritarian states.

I found this article very interesting and relevant to the main theme of this blog.

One may ask why authorities and governments have so much power?  I venture to say that it is because each individual is giving the power to them.

The goal of this blog is to lift up the power of the individual to realize that underneath the rubble of what ‘you think you are’ there is an essential being, a person that is unique and created to express itself.

To do so it must take responsibility for itself.

The person that I am, that each individual is, is meant to speak, to express itself.  It has to express what only it can.  No one else can say what you have to say better that yourself. finding-your-voice

However this person has to Sound Through.

It has to find its Voice and express the truth that only IT can.

To do this it must realize that power is not on the outside.  It is from within.

So the person must stop giving away his or her power.  It will do this as it learns to stop long enough to hear and feel, from within, its connection with Source. The moment that happens the person becomes aware of itself as not alone, but as one with Source and hence in possession of power that passes all understanding.  The person is then on the first step to taking up its own power and responsibility for itself.

Why do tyrants or bullies gain power over people?  Because people feel small and intimidated and hence, to avoid the pain of the big stick, they  give power to their oppressors.  But once the person touches source a new awareness dawns and the PERSON begins the Sounding Through process.

Every time the bully hits someone it reinforces in the individual the already well established social lie that “something can be withheld  from me”.

Social media presently is a kind of training zone to teach people that they can say things and be heard.  It is teaching us the power of networking and way to empower ourselves by linking up and communicating.

However, the lesson will be lost and the tyrants will take over again unless the person learns that it is powerful. It will do this by “stoping” long enough to  experience its connection with Source.

I believe that the message of all the great teachers throughout history has been that the individual is free.

For example Jesus said: “I and the Father are One.”  He admonished his followers not to make him a leader in the way of worldly governments.  He also said to them that they would do greater things that he did.  The inference being, each of us is one with the One and we can ‘realize it’.  That is the first step to breaking the pattern of giving up our power.

As the awareness of unity with Source grows, personal expression grows and responsibility for self grows.  As each part realizes that it has power to select and give direction to its life,  it will stop giving outside authority its power.

As each person releases his or her essential self from the rubble of faulty thinking, automatically ‘freedom’ and ‘oneness’ will emerge and the lesson of history will be learned.  I am here to realize my truth.  Only as each person is his or her own person in quiet assurance, can the battle against outside forces be won.  It will automatically dissolve the powers out there by no longer feeding them.

I believe that Oneness is what all the great teachers were pointing to and the purpose of creation is to declare to each of us that we indeed each  have our own individual voice.  As we discover this from deep within–HARMONY– will emerge and we will learn to help each other into the fullness of truth and a glorious manifestation of spontaneous life giving creative expression.

Each person is a vital piece of this creative expression and is meant to Sound Through so that the whole tapestry that is the Universe may vibrate the truth on Oneness and the UNITY that underlies the noise and the confusion of the ages — UNTIL — each ONE wakes up and speaks his or her truth as person, not as who he or she thinks they are.

The purpose of the Universe is and has always been looking to inspire each one to become aware of our UNITY with source and in this way the glorious liberty of the children of God will grow bigger and bigger.

And I believe we have come to an unprecedented tilting point in the process and social media under girded by personal awareness and self expression is the key.   self-expression

In the the peace that passes all understanding enjoy your day.


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