God Is A Salesman–Do I Have To Sell My Self?

I’ve been pondering something for the last coupe of weeks.41hwv7ivibl_sl160_

I have been reading Mark Stevens  book; “God Is A Salesman”.

In it Steven makes the point that a product can not sell itself.  If you want to sell something you must open your mouth and talk about it.  People will not just come, look at it and sell themselves.  No, no, no they will need your help.

Once upon I time I was a book salesman for a whole sale book company.  I did these huge book displays.  I would see all these books lay displayed on a number of tables.  I could feel a certain energy about them as they stood there in view.  But it was just a vibration… I guess they were saying that very thing… don’t just look at us… read us…

Marc Stevens is very outspoken about how much the salesperson must have a strategic plan to sell anything.

How does this apply to spiritual growth and personal development?

It tells me that I must, not only know my self, but I must “articulate” myself.

It’s one thing to think of myself as a certain way but I need to learn to name my value and what it is I bring.

For example this site is me looking to get a handle on that and finding ways to give expression to what has been living in me all of my life.  Somehow that happens through this title of this blog: Sounding Through.

It seems as if 99% of me is made up of all sorts of ideas and concepts about who I ‘thought’ is was.  However, there is the true me who is the liveliness and the orchestrator and this part of me has only had 1% say about who I am.

So today I simply share my struggle with you as a means of sounding through… maybe I could get some feedback.

In any event it’s a wonderful day and it’s great to be a living, lively principle.

I thinks I need some help to release that 1%.

Love you.


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  1. I understand your search for personal value, it is a difficult thing to pinpoint. I feel that if you can find your passion, that which you love to do, and marry it with service to others; you will live a life of value.

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