Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave!

We dwell in the midst of the chaos of disordered thinking. Wouldn’t you agree?

Author Dean Radin recently wrote a book called Entangled Minds.

St Paul in the New testament wrote; ‘ we are blown here and there by every wind of doctrine’.

The result of this reality is that we go around in circles.  In some cases this running around drives people crazy enough that they take their own lives or live in a constant state of depression, fear and doubt.

Thomas Troward in a paper on “The Hidden Power” writes: the great object to which the instructed mind directs its power is to free itself from the entanglements of disordered thoughts and to help others to do the same.  To escape from this entanglement is to attain perfect Liberty which is perfect Power.

Disordered thinking happens when we forget the big picture.  For example it may be cloudy and rainy days on end.  The drizzle and the dark can start to ‘affect’ our thinking.  Life ‘feels’ dark and dismal.  One might start to think that all of life is not worth living under those conditions.  Yet, as we who have flown in a plane can attest, the sun is ‘always shining’ even when the clouds make life dismal.  I’m sure you have experienced getting on a plane on a rainy day and look out the window to see the grey clouds all around, obstructing your view.  Then all of a sudden the plane passes through the bank of clouds and lo and behold there is the sun.  It was there all along.

I always find that such a great experience.  When I see that sun and the clouds now under me, as the plane makes its way to its destination.  I might observe that my thinking is restored to a more hopeful and joyful state.

What has changed?  Only my perception.  The “REALITY” of the sun was always there.  I only lost track of it for a time.

So is it with our thinking about life and our circumstances. I we are focused on the drizzle and the clouds it gets all tangled up.  We no longer ‘think’ straight because we have lost site of reality.

Troward in his writings always encourages his readers to think from the cause or the source and in that way our thinking gets adjusted.  Little by little as we learn to think from the SOURCE OR REALITY ALL THE TANGLED WEBS WE WOVE START TO GET UNDONE…

Here are words of another author, Ernest Holmes, to sum up our refection for today.  “…We mus turn entirely away from the ‘condition’.  Disease and limitation are neither person, place, no thing. Turn entirely from the condition, or limited situation, to its opposite, to the realization of health, happiness and harmony.”

He goes on to say that our thinking must start with Perfect God, Perfect Man, and Perfect Being and from that point we can begin to rectify our faulty thinking which is realy at the basis of any misery we might be experiencing.

A thought for the day.



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