It Is For Freedom, That We Have Been Set Free

The Law ‘of the Spirit of Life’,

sets me “free” from the Law ‘of sin and death’.

The above sentence is taken for St. Paul’s letter to the Romans.

I see scriptures as  books of ‘principles’.

So what principle is being espoused here?

At first glance there appears to be two Laws; the law of the Spirit of Life and he law of sin and death.

What is a law?  It is a rule that gives structure and order.

For example the law of gravity keeps everything hangin together.  It keeps things grounded so that we have a ‘ground’ to stand on and to move around on right?  It is a rule that says if you drop something it is predictable that the object dropped will make its way to the ground.  Because things hang together in a predictable way we have a place to live and move and have our being .

The Law of the Spirit of Life is the law of ‘Growth’.

The Law of sin and death is the law of ‘decay and dissolution’.

We could see two laws here, but we can also see that there is a continuum.

If something is not growing it will soon decay won’t it?

So I venture to say that in this case there is only ‘one’ law.

What makes it the law of life or the law of death is perception.

In its simplest form we can say that there is only one law in that if you are not ‘growing’ you are moving in the opposite direction, you are making your way toward death.

In the Bible, in the book of Genesis, we read that God planted two trees in the middle of the garden.  One was the tree of Life and the other, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

God is reported to have said; “if you eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall die.

In this way we see law and perception at play.

A law was placed in the perception of the creature.  In short it was stated; if you break the law you will be ‘guilty’ and die.

A ‘belief’ was planted in the mind of man.

That belief conditioned his and her ‘perception’.

You now had the law of life and the law of death.  You also had perception prepared so that ‘guilt’ could be created.

I see here the power of ‘beliefs’ being revealed.

As a man thinketh is well illustrated by this story.  The law was broken, guilt set in and the belief of death was born and we have suffered the consequences since.

In the story as outlined by the bible we have now a riddle.  How do we get out of guilt, sin and death?

Of course the answer to that is the advent of CHRIST.  The meaning ot the symbol of christ is the taking away of guilt.

With guilt removed the belief system of humanity could begin to SHIFT.

That passage quoted at the beginning of this post by St. Paul has a very important line that I purposely omitted.

The passage reads: “There is therefore now no condemnation…for the law of the Spirit of Life sets us free from the law of sin and death.”

The key here is that the christ was the message to humanity that there really is no condemnation” meaning no guilt.

So the perception of the law affects how we interpret the law.  The law of the Spirit of life sets me free from the law of sin and death on the basis of my ‘belief’ that there is no guilt no ‘condemnation’  for those who are in Christ Jesus. And who is not in Christ if Christ died for all?  As the story goes.

The point of these words is to illustrate how important our perception and our beliefs are.  There is really ONE LAW and whether it the law of Life or the Law of Sin and Death depends on our interpretation, our perception.

Hence the importance of knowing how powerful our thoughts are.  They have the power to change or make beliefs and these have massive repercussions in our lives.  As a man thinketh is much more true that we yet realize.

I believe the journey of this life is to come to the point of realizing, each of us, how we are the co-creators of our reality.

I personally choose to believe and to thereby nurture and affirm the truth, that the law of the Spirit of Life, that is, the Law of Growth is actually applied as I learn to ‘perceive’ the truth and to set my beliefs accordingly.

Hence, the saying of Jesus comes true; “be it done unto you as you believe”.

I believe the law of the spirit of life does indeed set me free from the law of sin and death.  I choose Life and I direct my life according to this law of the spirit of life.  I believe this.  I perceive the truth of it and I choose to side with the indestructible life in which I live and move and have my being .

In this way I contribute to the shift in human consciousness that is taking place as more and more people become aware of our power of thought and hence our power to co-create.

My thoughts for the day.  What do you think?



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