The Law of Circulation

I’ve been reflecting on the Law of Circulation lately.  This is a concept I picked up from Thomas Troward.

The Law of Circulation is linked to the law of Growth.

Circulation means a continual flowing around.  As long as there is FLOW there is growth.

I was at an art exhibit of a friends on the weekend.  She creates these interesting figures.  They were all strung up on the wall of the exhibit area and as I pondered on their beauty a line came to I make dreams realmy mind: bobbing in Substance.

There beautiful figurines were so serene and kind of grew on me as I allowed myself to be touched by them.

Bobbing in substance is like each of us in the great stream of Consciousness we could call God, or Good.  It is the great Living Flow.  Andrea’s art really does give you that feeling of being happy.  Check it out.  Let me know what you think.

The theme of her show was; let’s all live happily ever after.  If your interested go and visit her site at



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  1. thank you norm.

    i really love your description “bobbing in substance”. i love your way with words.

    today i am moving out of my disordered thinking and back into the sunshine 😉

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