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Today I’m influenced by these words of Thomas Troward: “The circle of vital influence may expand as the individual grows into the wider contemplation of his/her unity with Infinite Being…”woman-on-mountain-peek-contemplation

Here we understand how important contemplation is in sounding through our true person.

The state of contemplation is the zone where I get to connect to the most vital principle of all.  That principle is that ‘I am one with the One Source and Power of the Universe.’

Troward states that the ‘circle’ of influence grows as the ‘individual’ grows into the contemplation or ‘awareness’ of unity with the One Being who is the Substance and the Support of all being.

Further in this essay on the Harmony of Spirit by Troward he states… ‘there is a lost word of power which humanity has lost.’  ‘It is the word “I AM” and ‘Because I am what I am, I may be what I will to be.’

So this is a reminder to me that I, personally need to be aware of my connection with Source.  I need to contemplate that.  I need to get into the zone.  If I can’t, I need to ‘ask’, ‘seek’, ‘knock’, in short ‘demand’ that I be shown my connection.  This insistence is the beginning of sounding through the person.  It is taking initiative and it is making a choice.  It is the first step in realizing that ‘person’ and its expression is the way the infinite expresses itself.

In contemplation I begin to ‘claim’ that truth and I begin the path of discovering for myself, that I AM and because Iam what I am, I am able to be what I will to be.  This is no head knowledge but an experience that is source and beginning of SoundingThrough.

So much for the word that came to me today.  More to come.  See you soon.



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