Contemplative Presence. Contem…what?

Mary is the contemplative presence. I mean, what is ‘contemplation’?  I see in that word the word ‘template’.  There is also the word ‘temple’.  The word ‘contemplation’ in Latin is made up of two words meaning ‘with‘ and ‘temple‘.contemplation

With’ ‘temple‘ simply means to be in the space.  Temple is a sacred space.  ‘With’ ‘temple‘ means to be in that space.  In modern terms we might say ‘in the zone’.  The zone is the place where the action goes into slow motion and the player in question can see the whole playing surface and all the players and it becomes easy to make the next move in a brilliant way.

So, ‘contemplative presence’  really means just being there and being observant and without judgment.  Mary’s response,  to the angel who appeared to her,  was:  ‘how can this be,  that I should bare a child, when I have not known a man?’  Here we see a simple observation, a matter of fact observation that is simple and pure.

Mary, as indeed all of the characters in scripture, is simply a ‘symbol’ of something higher.  I venture to say that Mary is a ‘state’.  In human evolution Mary represent the ‘human’ now able to ‘stop’, ‘look’, ‘listen’, ‘ask questions’, ‘take initiative’ and ‘select a response’ that will cause a new string of effects.  In the great scheme of things, as we wrote earlier Mary is the Ancient Gate to a new consciousness, a new ability for humankind.  So Mary is the symbol of this new space and is the very energy of contemplation, of being in the zone, that is available to any one of us.

The above is about Sounding Through.  If we are to Sound Through and to express our authentic self, we need to access this state.  To do so is merely an act of ‘faith’.  I need to recognize that the ‘state’ is there and that I can merely ask that state to be active in my life.  I am then on the path of expressing the person that I am.

I’ll unfold more soon.


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