Mary, the Bishop or Overseer of Christ Consciousness

Continuing our topic of the last while,  today I remember  that Mary is the ‘state’ of clear and full human participation.  This state is now available to every person.  It is the state of being able to contemplate, to look at and to wonder.  This is a peaceful state and one where there is a mild curiosity about what is being observed.  In the case of  Mary she was observing the Creator of the Universe, in human form.

First, she had heard the word that she would give birth to God in human form.  That surely made her wonder.

Christ was born.  She oversaw the growth of  ‘God as one of us’.  She had to hold that word by faith.  This made no human sense.  But she was called to hold the vision, as it were.  She oversaw the growth of the child.  She was present when he started his ministry and in effect she ‘precipitated’ that also by informing the Christ that the wedding party was out of wine.  Christ, heard the suggestion and started to display his power to ‘manifest’ by turning water into wine.  The word spread, probably in the form of a question; who is this Jesus who can make miracles happen?

As people became more and more aware of him and his powers, they wanted to make him a leader.  He refused to let them do that.  He pointed out to them that he was there simply to reveal to them the power they had within.  They could not understand when he said to them; “I and the Father are one” and “I am in you and you are in me.”

The Christ Consciousness was starting to manifest, in Jesus and Mary.

Mary was also present at the ultimate miracle where Jesus allowed death to apparently take him.  This looked like defeat.  Here also Mary contemplated the word she heard originally.  This was a test for her to hold the word against all contradictions.  In this way she is the bishop, the overseer of Christ consciousness.  Jesus descended into death.  The following utterly dark days were held in the light by the faith of this woman.  This state was also growing.  A new space was being created where human consciousness could evolve to a higher level.

As the story goes, on the third day Jesus arose to prove that he is the Christ (the New Consciousness).  This rising proclaimed the destruction of death consciousness.  A new possibility was enacting itself.   A new space that all of us can access was created.  This is the space of personal creation, initiative, and of the person sounding through.  Each of us is a ‘person’ in the new ethos created by Jesus and Mary.  This new space needed a perpetual guiding principle.  There is one Christ consciousness and each of us participates with our individual person.

Jesus Christ left the scene so that we would not form a group around him and make him an authority outside of ourselves.  He disappeared so that each one of us would learn to take personal responsibility for our part in holy-spiritgrowing the Unity.

Mary again was overseeing on the day of Pentecost.  The Holy-Spirit is the invisible guiding Principle that is given.  This person is hidden and works within each heart inspiring the full growth of each person.  In so doing Christ consciousness expands through the evolution and expression of person or the authentic self.  The Spirit is the invisible glue that causes the whole to grow thereby manifesting Christ Consciousness in the world, one person at a time.  In this way the Creative Principle manifests its infinite creativity through the agency of each person expressing its own gifts, by its own initiative empowered by invisible love looking to manifest Unity with greater and greater clarity.

Mary, together with each person that awakens to this truth are bishops and overseers of the ever expanding Christ Consciousness.

I think that’s enough for today.



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