Mary Is A Symbol of The State of Awareness

Before Jesus could become aware of his ministry he needed the protection and nurture of Mary.  Before any one of us can become aware of our gifts and abilities we need support and nurture.  Because Mary is the state of contemplation she is therefore deep awareness.  Remember that she is the state, the power, that is ‘already’ within.  The story of the mysterious conception would have been told by her to her son.  He would have thereby been alerted to his calling.

The state of awareness is the power to self reflect.  Human genius now was lifted up and made aware of itself at a new level.  How could God and humanity be as One?  This was to be the main pondering of this woman as she tended the child entrusted to her.  So this is what it’s like to be with God.  You can talk with him and walk with him.  It was all so familiar.  It was all so day to day and ordinary.

So this is what it means to be made in the image of God?  What a human is like is like God?

She must have wondered; ‘but I thought God was way ‘out there’ and far away.  But this picture tells me God is in my every action and activity.  To take care of myself and of humankind is to take care of God?  How strange.’

And yet! The name Immanuel does mean, (God with us).  There is another Scripture that says the word is in your heart and on your lips.  Somehow God pours out of our mouth and actions.  He is as near to us as our own breath and even our own ‘thought’.  Can we believe it?  And even belief is a gift.  It’s already there.

So, the state, the awareness gained in Mary is really the environment we each can access right now.  What state is that again?  It is the state of being able to pay attention with the heart as well as the mind.  I don’t have to create it.  It’s already there.

I simply need to accept the ‘fact’ and use it.

Great talking to you today.



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