I concentrate, I focus, I clarify, I select and I resolve

Lately I’ve put a tiny dot on the wall across from my favorite chair.  It is at about 25 degrees above eye level.  Every day I stare at this dot for five minutes at a time, several times a day.  That little dot made by a pen looks like a fly as I stare at it.

The objective of this exercise is to increase my power of ‘concentration’.

Concentration increases my ability to ‘focus’.  As I learn to focus, things ‘clarify’.  Of course as I get clear, I can make a specific choice.  I select what has become clear that I desire.

Once I ‘select’ I am now ready to act in order to ‘resolve’ my choice.  This is the path of action and the way to achieve success.

This little exercise of staring at a dot I picked up from Bob Proctor in a program he has developed and called: “SIX MINUTES TO SUCCESS’.  I’m just starting my second week in the program and those six minutes a day with Bob are setting the course for the achievement of success.  It’s simple.  It’s easy and it’s fun.

I thought I’d share that with you today.  What Bob Proctor is teaching is a mindset that can only lead to the release of the authentic self and the accomplishment of life purpose in a spirit of abundance and prosperity.

The authentic self is the true self sounding through.  If the subject of experiencing your authentic self and abundance interests you visit Bob’s site here and find out more. So far it’s been great for me.  I know I’m ‘setting’ the course of my life at the ’cause’ level and it can but produce wonderful ‘effects’ as I stay with the program from day to day.

We are the authors of our lives much more than we realize and the jewel of the ‘true self’ has a very unique contribution to make as it sounds through with its authentic vibration.

Have a great day.


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