90% of Success is Showing Up.

This morning I wasn’t going to write anything on my blog.

I was reading a book by Robert Ringer called Action in which he quotes Woody Allen as saying that 90% of success is showing up.  Isn’t that some kid of truth.  If you don’t get into the game.  If you don’t play how can you win?  How can you improve?

So this morning I Act by simply showing up and sharing this insight. stick-man-action-figure I am sounding through to you something from my interior.  I am showing up.

Robert Ringer changes the 90%  and says it really is only 45%.  The other half is about ‘ASKING’ in conjunction with the law of averages.  Showing up is also, when you think of it, a form of asking.  Just being present means someone has to deal with you and you with them.  Something can happen.  A new thing can come up.  A light from the interior Radiance came come forth.

Getting into the game is making and action statement and if you do it over and over and over something comes of it.  I remember how many times my children would ask.  I mean how else do you learn.

It is good to understand that:  asking and showing up as foundational actions to success.

So Good Morning and remember that nothing happens until something moves.  So this is my action for this morning.

Having a great day is a decision.  So be it. That’s my choice today.



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