Affirming the state of Grace

Again today,  I want to deal with the theme of state of grace. There are two words: state and grace.  Grace is to affirm that “all is well”.  State is simply the place where I am.  So when I say I am in a state of grace I am saying I am in a Good Place.

I am in a Good Place today because I am aware that all is well.  All is well because I am ‘aware’ of it.  To be aware is to ‘know’.  I know I am.  I am in the state of Grace because, in this moment, I know I am supported and loved.  I am feeling safe and secure.  I am in a state of grace.

From this state I am now ready to move into my day.  There is no striving.  There is no fear.  There is no doubt.  I am peace and I am wonder.  I am mildly curious as I affirm the fullness of the Goodness in which I find myself.  I rest.

I go forward in this day, very peacefully and know that all is well.  I am unfolding like a beautiful flower.  There is no striving.  I let my wings unfurl like a butterfly breaking free of its cocoon.cocoon

From this state of grace I move ‘in’ this state of grace and I dream pleasant dreams of pleasure and satisfaction.  I choose to forget experiences of being beaten and instead I bask in to the flow of feeling loved and connected to the Source of Life and the Joy of being Aware.

I live each moment today affirming all of the Good I Am.

So be it.



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