I Am Not Bound by Any Mistake

I desire to share with you a reflection I read by Ernest Holmes on the fact that we are not ‘bound’ by any mistake from our past.  Freedom is for the taking.

“Let us now let go of everything and enter into the consciousness of that which we believe.  The Spirit within each one of us is God, and it is perfect.

It is love, reason, life, truth and beauty.

It is limitless and perfect and complete and whole.

It knows no lack and not limitation.

There is nothing we have done, said or thought which rises up against us, which has power over us or which limits us; there is no memory of fear, no condemnation for previous mistakes. With the desire to free ourselves from the further indulgence in the mistake, the effect of the previous mistake is wiped out, just as light dissipates the darkness.

The Universe holds nothing against us; It can hold nothing against us, because It can know nothing unlike Itself.

Therefore, It only knows us as Perfection.

There has never been an occurrence for which we have to suffer!

Consequently, every apparent shortcoming, which could be traced to some mental or spiritual infringement of the law, is not only removed but the effect is healed.

That means there is no history to our case.  All of its history is this minute wiped out in the knowledge that today the perfect Law, the Law of Freedom, is the only Law there is in our experience.  We enter into that freedom with joy, free from every sense of sadness and burden.

We enter into it with laughter, with lightness.

It is something, which lifts us above the heaviness of morbidity and lack and limitation, into that rarer atmosphere where our opinions do not collide. We enter into it with peace, free from fear.

We know that infinite Wholeness is in us and through us and around us now, and we are conscious that we are renewed this moment, instantly and perfectly, after the image of Perfection.

We are today guided into right action in every exercise of our affairs.

Since there is no great and no small to the Infinite, all that seems of little consequence in our lives has the Divine Guidance just as perfectly  and completely as that which we think of as being tremendously important.

We are guided into the knowledge of happiness, of certainty, of wholeness and of freedom; and we know that there is that subtle Essence of the Spirit, which emanates from us at all time, healing everything It contacts.”

I Am Not Bound by Any Mistake

In scripture it is stated that ‘for freedom we have been set free…use your freedom for good.’

I believe we are indeed, guided by a loving intelligence that seeks only our good.

I trust you are having a good day.



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