How the Mind works is a Law?

Law of mind in Action, NormandToday I choose to look at the mind and how it works.

I also choose to see that the mind in action is a kind of “LAW”.

Think about it for a minute.  This reflection is one piece in cleaning up your thinking.  The result of that is the cleaning up of your life to be what YOU desire it to be rather that always having to accept things as they come to you.

Keeping it very simple, lets think about this ‘law of mind’.  Stop and think about your own thought processes.

Isn’t it amazing that so many kinds of thoughts, ideas and impressions and judgments and conclusions be happening all at once.  Isn’t the mind a wonderful thing?

I can be talking to someone and I can be thinking about how they look, how I feel about how they look.  I can at the same time think about the phone call I am to make in a minute.  I can notice the leaves in the tree behind the person.  I can be wondering what to say or how to respond.  I can hear the voice of my mother from the past telling me to be careful, “this may not be a trustworthy person to talk with.”

I’m sure if you pay attention for a moment you get a picture of your mind in every day thinking processes.

The thing to do now is to consider this mind and compare it to a “mirror”.

Look into the mirror and notice how a definite thought, a mental statement or image, an affirmation or a denial all have an impact on the way you are going to act or the beliefs you are going to create.  These will all become a system that guides your life and your actions.

Well maybe this is easy to see, maybe not.  Some of us are not accustomed to stop long enough to ponder such things.  But, just try and do it today.  Take a look.

Every impression that you make in your mind has some sort of impact and some of them are strong enough that they become the basis of your ‘action’.

Anyway, the point I want to make here is just stick with that picture of your mind and how varied and insightful and harmonious and chaotic it can be.  It’s like whoa this is quite a picture.

A little bit all over the place isn’t it?

Now, consider the mirror analogy and take a snapshot of what you see in the mirror.

Ok.  Got it.  Now look at your life in general.  Is there a similarity?

So you can see how you think is reflected in your actual life.

On this basis we see how the Law of Mind in action is a law.

What goes on up here in the mind tends to produce similar results in the life and so this is the law of the mind.  Your using it all the time and it is having an impact on the conditions of your life.

So this law, like the law of gravity is at play.  Look at your mind in the mirror again and see how it resembles the conditions of your life.

So all the pictures your hold and respond to in your mind will affect your life somehow.

All the beliefs you hold either limit or enhance your life.  Can you see it?

I’m just beginning to see and to understand how this stuff works and I feel excited ant the unlimited possibilities a concept like I’ve just described is offering.

I conclude then that the Law of Mind is always operating.

It is a question of becoming aware and conscious of it.

It is an invitation to realize this truth and then to ‘use’ it to create what you desire instead of just taking what happens to you.

Isn’t that often the way we live our lives?  We hope and pray something will come our way but we forget that what the mind is like is the thing that determines what we get.

So today I’m reflecting on this and I’m thrilled at the principle I’m writing about.

This business of noticing what is going on in our mind and then making a decision to clean up our thinking and making it such that we have in the mirror a mind that is orderly and clear and precise, is, I agree somewhat of a challenge.  The gauntlet is placed before us.

What is interesting to me in this is that I notice I have much more choice and power than I ever dreamed.  I am in control of what is happening in my life.  Gee whiz can I accept that?

Big question.

Do I take the responsibility to clean up my mind, to be aware of its action because, for sure it is affecting my life?  Do I take my ‘responsibility as the image-maker to create only the images that correspond to the good I desire for others and myself?

Of course I’m aware this may be easier said than done and that this is just one tiny piece of a great puzzle and I propose to keep talking about in the days to come to bring to light the many more angles in this matter of the ‘law of Mind in Action.’


Joy and right action guide us.


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