Who We are Defines What We Think

Often we hear it said that ‘what we think’ defines who we are.  But we have to ask the question; who is doing the thinking?

If I don’t know who I am I will tend to be filled with fear, doubt and confusion don’t you think?

Who I am is so very important.  I am meant to have a sense of ‘who’ I am.

I know, that growing up, I asked that question a lot.  I tended to feel isolated, alone and lonely.  I don’t know exactly what caused that, but that is how I felt a lot of the time.

In fact that sense of being alone grew so strong that it caused me to really ask; who am I? and What is this life all about?

I dropped into a pit of despair as a result.

Then one day it grew so dark that I would have taken my life were it not that I was so despairing that I was totally lethargic.

I would rather have rotted than make the effort it took to take my own life.

Any way, in that pit it came to me to take a chance and call upon God, if there was such a thing.

I cried in all sincerity to this unknown supreme being in my imagination and lo and behold some message got through to me that indeed I was loved and all is well.

I heard in the depth of my soul that God is and that everything, somehow is under control.

If you had asked me, before that experience, what I thought.  You would have gotten very random and crazy unconnected thoughts.

I had no BASIS for my thought except my very limited sense of my self and what I could figure out on my own.

God was out there and I was separated from any experiential sense of that God.  I was on my own and afraid and confused and so my thinking was all over the place.

I assumed I was alone and had only limited resources to help me.

All of a sudden, with the new found certainty that God is, that came to me I had a new basis for thinking.

I gradually changed my assumption. Instead of seeing myself alone I began to be aware that I am always living, moving and having my being in this reality called God.

So my thinking changed dramatically more and more over the years as I reflected on my new assumption of being One with God instead of being alone and separated from God and people.

Assuming oneness with God has become a greater and greater assumption.  So, starting from that belief, my thinking is continually changing to reflect my assumption that I am One with God.

It was Neville who said that “what we assume will harden into fact.”

In my early days my aching heart lead to a confused mind and my thinking was crazy.

As I grow deeper into my assumption of Unity with God I find my thinking becoming more and more expansive, systematic and orderly because I have a basis for thinking.

As I assume God qualities instead of fear filled victim qualities my thinking is getting more and more focused and defined by who I believe myself to be.

So my assumption is leading me to ideas of Truth, Goodness and Beauty and hence to a greater and greater sense of Harmony.  This, all because my sense of who I am is defining my thinking.

And of course, my thinking is defining with ever more depth and clarity my sense of who I am.

So I conclude that the first and most important thing for me and my starting point is not my ‘thinking’ as such.

It is my sense of who I Am.

There you go.  I share with you my thinking for today.

Peace and joy


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