I am in a state of Grace

I am now in a ‘state’ of Grace.  In old time religion that meant some kind of moral purity.  But today we have more clarity on that.  Grace means: Gift.  Hence, in consciousness we could say all is Grace, all is Gift.  All that we need is here for the taking.  It is all around us.  We simply need to ‘recognize’ it.  It is not withheld from anyone.  It is there for the taking as I recognize it and demand it.

I am in a ‘state of Grace’ means Spirit is all around me.  I do not need to ‘earn’ it.  I need only ‘recognize’ it.  By an act of ‘faith’ I ask and I Expect guidance from a Wisdom and a Force Higher than I.  It’s not there because I earned it.  It is there as I become aware of it.   As I recognize that is so and I ‘ask’ and expect its guidance to bring order and purpose in my life.

The following is a brief audio that I recorded.  It’s close listening but if you are patient it is wonderful content to have.  This reading is a paper by Thomas Troward on ‘The Principle of Guidance.”  Give a listen.

Peace and a great day


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