A Prayer. It’s a Good Day!

As I begin my day I remind myself that at the Root or Source of things, there is only Good.  That Good knows all things.  It is in tune with all things.  It is in tune with me.  That Good is present everywhere.  It is pure Awareness.  That Good is the sustaining Power of all that is.  It rests  in Absolute Peace, Joy, Harmony.  Its nature is Beauty and Truth.  It just is and hence I am.

I recongnize that I am Intelligence and consciousness.  I am in sync with the One Power.  I know that as I am aware of my oneness I can be consciously a channel of this one.  I am the expression of God as me.  I joyfully am who I am this day.

I release all fear and doubt transforming them into confidence and the strength of certainty, sureness, stability.  I know I am Health, Wealth, Beauty, Love and Harmony in the Rock that is Source.

All day I am in sync with the desire of my heart.  I serve with generosity, giving freely and joyfully.  I am reminded of what is important to me every moment.  I respond speedily and with zest.  I love my life.  I love the people I surround myself with.  All good things come to me and I paint harmonious and fruitful scenarios for every minute of this day.  I co-create my reality and I know that the highest good for myself and everyone I connect with this day is what happens because I say that this is so.

I attract loving relationships.  I am attentive and creative in every detail of my day.  I am on purpose and I use my gifts and abilities in loving, caring and gentle service.  I touch deeply the hearts of all those I contact today and I develop new and positive relationships.  I have success in every venture I enter upon today.

I release these words and expect to enjoy awareness of the signs that my prayer is heard in the heart of the Universe.  I submit these words to the Law and trust that its infinite wisdom orchestrates all of the details making for a rich and fruitful experience today.

And so it is.

Have a Wonder filled day.



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