The Gift of Awareness

Today I lay emphasis on the GIFT.  By faith we need to see ourselves in the GIFT of AWARENESS.  It is not about ‘striving’ for awareness.  It is becoming conscious that awareness is a gift.  In other words, it is all around us like water or air.  It is there and we are always using it.  We simply need to become conscious, to become aware.  It is as natural as breathing but being human means I can become conscious of breathing and I can control and direct its flow and effect, like yogis do.  But to do that I need to awaken to the potential in which I am immersed.  The person I am then starts to sound through and wonderful things can unfold.

Imagine being in a pool of water.  The water is AWARENESS.  It’s, just there.  

Not only is awareness, all around us, but the Power of Imagination is there for the using.  The Power of God’s Creative Imagination, the Spirit is also there.  It is the Principle of Guidance.  Faith is the key.  The will and the imagination also need to be working.  They also are gifts.  By faith I believe the Spirit Guides me.  It is that simple.  The higher Creative Imagination guides my creative imagination and I am led into wonderful experiences through my own processes. I am one with God and so all things are possible.  Can I believe it?  That is the question.  If I can, the sky is the limit.  Or as the scriptures say: ‘all things are possible for those who believe.’

Believe.  Receive.  Act as if.  I am AWARENESS.  It is all GIFT.


Have a great day.


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