Deep Speaks to Deep

In the Christian tradition this is Holy-Week.  This is the week where the forces of darkness cluster around the Light to snuff it out.

Jesus said: “I know where I come from and I know where I am going”.  “I and the Father are one”.  “If you have seen me you have seen the Father”

Don’t let the word Father turn you off.  Just change it to Source or to the best image you can come up with of someone who truly desires only Good for you.

Imagine it if you have to and forgive all the hurt that anyone has done to you in the name of father or any kind of authority.  Just imagine for a minute that there is actually a power greater than you that is truly out to help and support and evolve you.

The point is, Jesus understood His Unity with this benevolent source.  He was able to continue to say that even when the darkness got so thick that He cried out: My God, My God why have you forsaken me?”  At that moment the lights went out in the Universe and all was quiet.  There was the feeling of a strange and eerie emptiness.

This Jesus figure, that represents light, that did never loose sight of the fact that He was Light…   let go…

Into the dark…  There took place a wonderful conversation beyond words with all that was unresolved and unnamed in the universe.

All those who lived and died not fully understanding what it’s all about were mystically addressed during that time when the One who understood His connection with Light seemed to be snuffed out… engulfed by the dark.

That mystical conversation was the shifting point.  In such a perfect identification with darkness or weakness… the Christ was bringing to an end a certain way of being.  That being had been based on an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.  It was based on ‘fighting to survive’.  But here was an example of someone who identified completely with the light and so was able to rest completely in the dark with peace and serenity and that spoke to the dark and broke its power on the mind and imagination of humanity.

It taught that victory comes not in fighting back and being brave and getting our just due.

The mystical conversation simply said;  Know where you come from, Identify completely with it to the point where you can surrender to the apparent dark and you will see and experience that dark and, so called death, have not power to hold you.

In apparent weakness we are made strong but the source of that strength is the initial awareness and identification with the Source of all being.

Remember Jesus’ saying that He knew where He came from and where He was going.

That is the key.

That identification enabled Him to have the mystical dialogue with the dark and death and prove that in the serenity of faith in a power greater than ourselves all is well.

A shift was made in the dark and a new day dawned.  A new direction was given.  This was now a day where love prevailed and a refusal to identify with pain, sorrow and separation and feeling like we are alone to fight insurmountable forces.

Know where you come from.  Rehearse it if you have to and then rest and relax in an ever growing consciousness that you are not separated but you are One.  The Source never left.  It is We who leave in our minds and feelings.

The Source waits for us to come to understand that we need no longer to be victims to thinking we are alone and separated from love, light and life.

I am One with Life… to believe that, is our assignment for the day, even when the darkness comes and we may be tempted to believe :”my god my god why have you forsaken me?”

In the affirmation of Light in the darkness is where the SHIFT takes place and a new beginning, a new springtime of causation brings about a more desired effect.

Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.  Identification with Light and Spirit is the 1st step.

I open a page of my journal and my daily reflection. I choose to share with you.

Peace, namaste.


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