Focusing This Blog. Can you help me?

Today, I’m deciding to ask for help from any of my readers.

I got very excited discovering Twitter this morning.

One of the people I follow is Darren at Pro Blogger.  Since I’m rather new at this blogging business I decided to take up Darren’s 31 day challenge.

My intention.

  • To focus this blog
  • To understand my vision
  • To engage more with people
  • To get input

So while your passing by.  I’d appreciate any insights and creative affirmations that would make the information I am sharing here more useful to my readers and enable them to enter my space and I theirs.

I’m learning to come out of my shell and old mold and seeking to live my self new.

As the saying goes — the definition of insanity, is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

So I’m inviting you, my reader, into my life.

I am also inviting you, if you’re a new blogger, like me to join me in the 31 day challenge that Darren at Pro Blogger is offering.

The link is here:


Have a great day


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